Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cold Wars/Fire and Stone

Cold Wars is over and, sadly, the troops have been sent back to winter quarters after a most entertaining week.  I'll write up something on the St. Michel campaign from my perspective shortly.  My most interesting acquisition at the con was a copy of Christopher Duffy's Fire and Stone on siege warfare.  It includes what amounts to a siege supplement for Charge!, and Ross and I are now considering what it would take to do an NQSYW formal siege of a fortress in 40mm.  Our Haddington 1549 game in 2004 had the fortress, but it was incidental to the game, so this would take things to the next level...


  1. Michael Lowry and Vince Clayant have developed a set of Siege rules based on the Duffy book. They have hosted this game at the SYWA convention several times and it has proven to be one of the more popular games at the convention.

  2. Are there pictures anywhere? I'd like to get to the SYWA convention some year soon; the proximity of Cold Wars makes it difficult.