Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After Ross's visit and Cold Wars, I'm inspired, and I wanted to make some use of that inspiration before it dissipates.  I wanted to work on my next pair of Egyptian chariots tonight, but with an eye to clearing my bench a bit, I also finished up one stray Schoeffen-Buschhagen dragoon (who'll need a little foliage clump when basing to hide the casting flaw on the left hind hoof) and an Airfix billman for the Medieval Mayhem project.  Both of the latter had been hovering in a mostly completed state for months, so it felt good to actually get them varnished and be ready to move on to the next thing.  However, that is stuff from three different projects.

Lack of focus has not been the main reason for lack of progress this past year, but it certainly hasn't helped, and I'm hoping to increase my discipline with respect to having too many things on the work bench at once in the near term.


  1. Well, in order to help give you some focus, welcome to the Emperor vs Elector group blog.

    Now you have an excuse to work on 18th century figures (as well as the others, of course).

    -- Jeff

  2. Well, at least I took a bag of castings to leave at my desk for rainy days' lunch projects today...Today was the first day I could have sprayed primer outside, and I now have no NQSYW figures primed that haven't been painted, so that needs to change. (-: