Saturday, October 12, 2013

Orcs and an Elf

Since I was in the mood to paint today, I decided to go with it. If inspiration continues I hope to get an NQSYW unit on the table soon, but in the meantime it's fantasy.

My old friend Chris Palmer has been blogging about his attempt to paint an entire Vampire box of Reaper Bones. We've agreed to do some skirmish gaming with the figures soon. So I started this morning with some utility orcs:

This gives me nine in three styles, which should be fine for a 300 point game.

After that I indulged in an experiment. Norman asked me some years ago why we always depicted summer wood elves. We discussed possible color schemes for other seasons, and gave them unit names. So here's a try at a battle mage of the Winterbranch Guard:

iPhone pictures aren't the best, and the flash seems to have exaggerated some of the contrasts, but it gives the idea.


  1. From a deciduous forest in a snowy area by the look of it?

  2. Exactly. I don't have a picture, but I finished the base with some Armory snowflake product I bought for the Russian Civil War.