Saturday, October 5, 2013

Furlough Work

Despite being off from work for the US government shutdown this week, I've been a little too busy to post.
The good news is that I've had time to work on the mass of Reaper Bones fantasy figures.

Here was the first batch.

After that I did a group of scorpions, seen here before the basing was finished.

This morning I painted this dwarf wizard in a continuous little campaign.
The SecDef says he wants us back Monday, so I guess the painting frenzy may be wrapping up. I hope to get a few more things done tomorrow.
Other catch up reports soon, I hope....


  1. Nice work on the dwarf wizard. I haven't done mine up yet. He's a nice cast but I think he might benefit from a metal version in some of the depth of details and sturdiness of the staff.

    1. Thanks! The staff took a little heat treatment. Once straightened, though, I am less worried about damage to a plastic piece than a metal one.