Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who turned out the lights?, or Back to the Dark Ages

In my Historicon report, I mentioned that I added some new Eureka figures and a set of Osprey rules to my Dark Ages project. Things have, as usual, been crazy-busy since then, although I have, at least, scheduled in some fun with the casting day and the NQSYW game.

I have dusted off the remainder of the Eureka Beowulf figures. After my Bones digression, I'm ready to sit down and do a few one-at-a-time figures before starting the next NQSYW unit. That's going to be a company of engineers, so it will be a little different than the usual 16 muskets in one or two poses plus one each of three command poses. That should allow us to take the initiative in the next game and be the besiegers in a fortress game.

So I did get a chance to pull out the paint for half an hour. At that level, I thought it best to start spreading some basic colors on a whole group of figures rather than work one figure start to finish.

Doing that for a couple of sessions will allow the figures to be finished more quickly...eventually.

Sometime soon, I'll be going through my wargames space opening all the boxes and grouping the unpainted figures together in 'project' storage.

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