Friday, August 10, 2012

Reinforcements for Schluesselbrett

My effort to assimilate the box of troops we purchased at Cold
Wars last year continues. This group of infantry is now awaiting basing. I must say that I found it a little difficult to match somebody else's painting style. I'll be glad when all the unit roundouts are completed. I'm tempted to add a unit or two to these countries in my own painting style. However, the next task for these minor countries will be to get the rest of their cavalry touched up, filled out, and based.


  1. Well, recently, you've been out painting me significantly on all fronts. I do like the look of the figures from the older molds and you've done a good job of blending them in.

  2. I find a common basing style covers a multitude of sins. I have figures from a variety of manufacturers and painters, but I base them all myself and that makes all the difference.