Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Song of Blades and Heroes Skirmish, 21 April

As mentioned a while ago, we had the opportunity to pull out some old figures and try a game of Song of Blades and Heroes a few weeks ago.  The human defenders are mostly old Foundry Normans, with a Heritage wizard from the Knights and Magick Merlin set, and the orcs were mostly Prince August homecast figures, supplemented with a couple of old Ral Partha goblin wolfriders.  My mother did the ground cloth for me recently (along with one for Norman), with a quilting print green fabric on one side and a mottled desert tan on the other, so I'm set for small skirmish games for the present.

We found the rules to be fairly easy to use, but the conflation of morale and dexterity for one number and attack and defense ability for the other number seemed to lead to some odd results.  We'll probably try it again presently, but we're also thinking about writing a formal modification of our Medieval Mayhem home skirmish rules for fantasy situations.

An overview of the field, 3' by 3' cloth

Goblin wolfrider reaches the human defenders

The human mage looks vainly for an opportunity to try something

Last stand of the orcs

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