Monday, May 7, 2012

Project Danger

I'm working on my Huzzah report, but I'll note now that the usual discussions with Ross Macfarlane wound their way around to the question of projects and games for the next convention. Ross expressed a desire to work on a new French Revolution project, which suggests that I'm in some danger of dusting mine off for some expansion. This phote, from the archives, shows a Scarlet Pimpernel game in progress at an HMGS convention a few years ago, with some Austrian cuirassiers attempting to cross a bridge held by some dedicated French Garde National infantry. I kept that project farily compact, so thatI didn't run out of fun before I ran out of interest in painting each faction, so perhaps expansion would be practical.

Figures shown in the foreground here are all assembled from Nuernberger Meisterzinn 40mm multi-part castings.


  1. A wonderful looking game - the Pimpernell game holds out the possibility of some wonderful character figures.

  2. Yes, and someday I'll paint Sir Percy when he's not in disguise. :)