Monday, May 28, 2012

NQSYW Skype Game

So, after much delay, here's a little gallery of pictures from the last NQSYW game, played by Ross and my sons by Skype...

Wachovian commander surveys the scene

Into action; the head of the Wachovian column seizes the bridge

Wachovians crossing the bridge

The North Polenburg commander, viewing the scene from a coign of vantage

Following the Wachovians, the Wiegenburg regiment joins the action

After a desperate resistance, North Polenburgers yield the village to the Wachovians

However, a sharp cavalry action has ensued on the left flank of the advance, with the Wachovian Hussars being roughly handled by the North Polenburg 32nd Dragoons

North Polenburg reinforcements stream over the bridge and form for action

Schoffen-Buschhagen Hussars have crossed the north bridge while the Wiegenburgers attack the south bridge

S-B infantry arrives, passing a few forlorn N-P prisoners and the rallying Wachovians

The S-Bs attack across the north bridge...

...but the opposition is ready.

After a change of equipment, the N-P commander grimaces at the developing scene

As night falls, a block of the von Nordhafen regiment of S-B infantry drives off a desperate attack by the 32nd N-P dragoons, to hold the bridge and seize a narrow victory.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, sir. Some very nice-looking troops, I must say.

    -- Jeff