Wednesday, May 2, 2012


My son managed to get his battle report posted, , before I even managed to download my pictures from my camera.

As a result, I'll still download some pictures later, but let his battle report stand as is.

From the referee's point of view, this wasn't a bad game, except for the contagious rout situation which developed among the Vikings. With experienced players, we'd all laugh it off as the wrath of the gods of the dice, but as an introduction to a couple of new people, I should probably have set the scenario up to be unbalanced in their favor by about 5:4 or even 4:3 rather than even up.

On the bright side, I painted these massed Dark Ages troops, about 400 of them, about twelve years ago, and I think this was the third time they actually made it to the table. A couple of years ago I rebased all of my skirmish-game-ready individuals onto smaller washers, so that both groups have the same figure frontages, making it possible to play something like WHAB with a mix of massed and single troops. I was also happy to find that I was pleased with the overall visual effect, so I think that answers a nagging question I've had about whether I should sell off some of these figures. Better to do more gaming with them, I think...

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