Friday, June 28, 2019

A box of molds arrives

A new project

I really don’t need a new project, so, of course, I bought one.  A box with an assortment of Zinnbrigade molds for late 19th century Germans (and one SCAD mold for an 1870 French chasseur a pied) arrived yesterday.  Reading up on the French Revolution led to reading about the Paris Commune of 1871, which led to the Franco-Prussian War at large.  My son has been working on late 19th century imagi-nations in 1/72 plastic off and on for some time, but I have been planning for A Gentleman’s War in 40mm, so through the wonders of the Internet, an order was placed.  I will have to supplement with artillery from Irregular at least, and they may end up as my main source of FPW French.


  1. Nice looking molds , wonder how they will cast ?

  2. Ross Macfarlane thinks highly of Zinnbrigade molds, but I hope to have the opportunity to find out this weekend. I'll be pleasantly surprised if things work without adding vents, and I'm supposed to be concentrating on French Revolution, so spending the time cutting the vents may not be the highest priority this next session.

  3. The Zinnbrigade molds cast well and turns out great models. I haven't vented any of mine, although it would probably help casting horses. I think you will be happy with them.

    1. Fingers crossed! I'm glad of the vote of confidence, in any case.

  4. Zinnbrigade does cast well. They go well with Irregular but are a little small compared to Scad. They also fit in well with the Holger Ericson 40mm modern range if you're up for head swaps.