Friday, February 13, 2015

Back to Bones, Briefly

My box of Bones from the second Kickstarter arrived yesterday, so I decided that I had better prepare by finishing a few more of the Bones from the first Kickstarter. I think it's safe to say, at this point, that I could run fantasy skirmish games or Dungeons&Dragons with tactical displays ad infinitum...

In this first shot, the Burrowing Horror in the front is a new figure, with the balance from Bones I.

In this second shot, the basilisk, third from the left, is new, and the remainder are from Bones I.


  1. Great painting....I look forward to getting some of these when they become available on the open market. The Bulette/Burrower is cracking.

  2. First I've seen of any of the Bones II minis painted up. Looks great! Have you shared with the folks at the Reaper forums yet?

  3. I did also post that to the Reaper forums. More of the Bones 2 figures are showing up this weekend. :-)