Friday, January 30, 2015

Portable Fantasy Game Painting

The weather on the east coast of the US has been cold all week, so I didn't end up walking for exercise during my lunch break, although it would have been good for me. Instead, I took the opportunity to break out my small painting box (about 20 colors and two sizes of brushes). I posted the first batch of figures previously, the skirmishers for Dux Bellorum. Unfortunately, this has not been a good week for being organized in the morning, so I didn't have any more of the Dux Bellorum figures stowed at my desk.

Therefore, I broke out what I did have. This first figure (and I apologize for the close cropped shot making it appear a little fuzzy) is one of the ten poses of elves from the Caesar fantasy range (now apparently out of production, temporarily, I hope). He didn't take my entire lunch period to complete, so I also added some paint to a 28(+)mm Reaper Bones fighter, still unfinished.

The next day, frustrated by the Bones figure, I decided to grab something else from my stash, and came up with this pair. The lutenist on the left is from the Linear-B Age of Tudors set. He's likely to be dropped into a game as a D&D-style bard. The figure on the right is from the Red Box War of the Roses Irish troops set. I think the galloglasses from that set have a great "fantasy" look to them, even though they are pretty historically correct.

As far as D&D goes, I could use these two as representations of two of my original game's player characters...there's probably a scenario seed in there somewhere.

I'm finishing a few Caesar skeletons and basing all of these this morning, so perhaps there will be pictures of the whole lot later this weekend.

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