Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Settlements

We just had a new floor installed in the family room.

While its main purpose is to enable some home ballroom practice, it has a second benefit. We needed to clear the space to dance, so there is now somewhere to set my tables up again, although only on a temporary basis.

This morning we have a French and Indian War skirmish set up, based on scenario 44 in Scenarios for Wargames.

Things are quiet in the settlement this morning...

...but danger lurks nearby.

According to my records, none of these guys have been on the table since Cold Wars 2008, which is a waste. So, time to remedy.

Since that was pre-blog, I'll note that the figures are an eclectic mix of 40s, with some Irregular, a few Sash and Saber, some Prince August home cast, and some Meisterzinn multiple part home cast. There aren't too many of that last today; Meisterzinns make up most of my regulars for this project.

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