Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That's why there are play tests...

As I mentioned in the previous entry, we set up our two banquet tables in the family room on Sunday, on a temporary basis.

We set things up in about forty minutes. The scenario was based on #44 from the Green Book. I only have two cabins handy, so the little settlement of Richardson's Ford consisted of them and a stockade.

A raiding party of about 40 Canadians and Indians, in three groups, descended on the settlement intending to burn it, and capture or kill its inhabitants. Figures on red poker chips were encumbered by incendiary tools.

I chose to try this using Musket Mayhem, the black powder version of our medieval skirmish home rules.

It turned out, after several turns, that I had failed to consider that the rules as written made it impossible to hit the defenders of a fort or loopholed cabin at long range. Therefore, in order for the scenario to work, some sort of covered firing positions within close range of the fort were needed. There were a few other scenario fixes that could have been made, but Norman needed to be on the road before traffic got bad. We therefore decided to pack it up and try again another day...I'm glad we did this at home, though, and not in front if an audience at a convention!

At least the figures look nice in the pictures. I shall hope to have them on the table again soon, in a more balanced situation.


  1. I seem to recall a similar issue needing a hasty mid-game rule amendment when we ran it using MacDuff. Third time is a charm?

    Looks good anyway.

    No floor scuffs?

  2. Rob

    The table and figures look great! And yes play tests can be very, very useful. Especially with home brews since you don't always think of everything when you write them.


  3. The whole set up looked very inviting.

  4. Thanks to all for the kind remarks. This has always been one of my favorite projects visually, and I hope that getting it out and playing with it will inspire me to finish a few useful figures still languishing, most recently some Sash and Saber Indian leaders from Historicon last year.