Friday, July 12, 2013

Making Soup

...or at least boiling Bones.

It is scheduled to be an overly busy weekend, but I wanted to try to build up a little momentum on the Reaper Bones project.

I decided to start with a couple of easy paint jobs, so I pulled out a stone golem and a dozen giant rats as a warmup. I also unpacked the second Vampire box to ensure that everything was there. Since it was, I packed things higher on the priority list back up in ziplock bags, and dropped the remainder into a box to deal with later.

I then tried the recommended method of straightening pieces, which is to immerse them in nearly boiling water, fix, and then drop them in an ice water bath.

The ettin below was easy, with just the club end bent. Here is the before:

Here is the after:

This Chonoscope figure was crushed flat, but sprang back into position immediately in the hot bath.

This exercise improved my overall confidence in the process.

By the way, I mentioned yesterday that I had one figure with flash issues in the first box; the duplicate in the second box was fine, so I'll guess that problems are occasional and random with molds rather than systemic with particular molds.


  1. Watching this series of posts with great interest as we haven't got our Bones yet. I didn't think the plastic would bend quite so easily.

  2. The interesting thing about the flexibilty is that they varied it from mold to mold as needed, so some are more flexible than others...

  3. Remember, don't add garlic to the soup when doing the vampire pack,