Wednesday, May 8, 2013


In my post-Huzzah enthusiasm I started rebasing some of the 40mm French and Indian War figures in my collection.

There is a long story behind this project; the short version is that these figures, formerly on cardboard bases, were painted by my friend Chris Palmer, in the early 1990s.

I added to the project starting in the later '90s. All of my soldiers were mounted on washers to start with.

Some of Chris's later figures were already on washers when I ended up with all of the troops in a trade, but there are about 200 on cardboard. If I'm taking them on the road again, I'd like them interacting with my magnetic boxes.


  1. Rob,

    You don't necessarily need to use washers (depending upon their "footprint").

    Many pennies (both Canadian and US) are actually mostly steel although they look copperish.

    If your figures will fit on pennies, buy some rolls of pennies and use a good strong magnet to fish the ones you want out of a tub of loose pennies . . . then re-roll the culls and sell them back to the bank.

    They are wonderful for 25/28mm figures and might work for your 40s as well.

    -- Jeff

    1. Pennies are about 0.75", which is a washer size I use on a lot of 28s and smaller. I don't think, though, that US pennies are magnetic; they are supposed to be zinc cored.

      These 40s do need the 1" washers. The integral bases go right to the edges on most of them.

  2. I've always loathed rebasing - I hope it doesn't take you too long.

    1. The next step is putting down sand and glue to contour the integral bases into the washers, which will take longer. It still shouldn't be more than a few nights.

      I agree about the loathing, though. I've only redone a couple of projects from one sort of non-cardboard base to another, and the latest, moving 28mm Vikings from 1" washers to 0.75" washers was a bit traumatic. Getting things off cardboard isn't too bad...

  3. Wow, I haven't seen these guys in a while! :-)
    Glad they're getting fixed up for battle again. Feel free to repaint the purple pants Indians. I don't know what I was thinking at that time. :-P

  4. Feel free to rebase Fraser's onto washers as well. They've been adopted by the rest of my troops.