Friday, May 10, 2013

Photo Album from 6 April NQSYW Game

Both Norman and Chris Palmer have already posted battle reports for this game, so, rather than let it sit any longer, I'm just going to add a few photos.

At the opening of the battle, the ranks of the Northern Alliance troops advancing...

At the end of the ridge line, the steadfast Wachovians and the converged Schoeffen-Buschhagen grenadiers await their advance.

Their morale bolstered, no doubt, by the arrival of the detachment of the von Quastenflosser regiment's grenadiers, pressed forward against at least three times their number of Alliance infantry, nearly breaking the North Polenberg Hawks regiment (in green) before being compelled to retreat.

Another view of the end of their desperate attack.

Wachovian hussars in another desperate counterattack. The charm of this scenario is that almost every bit of action involved is desperate...

Situation near the end; Alliance forces are toward the top of the shot, rallying for one last push on the ridge.

Unfortunately, beyond the ridge, a Coalition cannon is positioned to sweep the ridge, and there wasn't enough fight left in the Alliance units to press forward.

As always, it was a fun game, and I hope to be back to another game soon.

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