Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things to Come

This has been a busy weekend, and I won't have my battle reports up immediately.  We fought two Charge! games on the home table, one on Friday night and one this afternoon.  The scenarios were adaptations of the C.S. Grant green book situations "Flank Attack" and "Wagon Train".  In the picture above (and I apologize for the lighting--my windows make for a difficult photographic situation), senior son Norman takes advantage of the pause in the second game to do some photography of his own.  You can see that our 5x6 table is none too large for work with 40s in Charge.  (Does everyone's war room tend to accumulate boxes of scenery and such around the table?)

I also celebrated my 50th birthday on Saturday.  I have some thoughts about milestones in life and games for a separate post...


  1. A belated "Happy Birthday", Rob. . . . And, yes, all of our wargame rooms develop "storage" on just about every flat surface (including, but certainly not limited to, the floor).

    I'm glad that you got to sandwich your birthday between a couple of Charge! games.

    -- Jeff

  2. I added shelves and drawers under my table to hold the stuff that accumulates but apparently this created a vacuum which sucked more stuff into the room.

    Squeezing 40's onto a small table is good exercise for the grey cells. Gotta use em while you still have them. Happy Birthday.