Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dispatches from Wachovia

Since Cold Wars is now in the past, we've been turning our thinking toward Historicon.  Ross and I are working on planning for a series of games based around a fortress, including, we hope, Charge! siege games done in accordance with the Charge! expansion rules found in Christopher Duffy's Fire and Stone.  I'm clearing my workbench at home, and reading some inspirational literature (The Military Experience in the Age of Reason this week).  However, things are still moving a little slowly...

I was pleased, therefore, to receive a little additional impetus in the form of a dispatch from the Prince-Palatine of Wachovia (aka the Student Prince, aka my elder son, Norman).  Recruitment has been proceeding in Wachovia.  His school desk repurposed as a painting table is shown above.  I have found, in recent years, that I get as much painting done at lunch time at work in a similar temporary setting as I do at home, where my work space tends to accumulate junk between painting sessions.  There's a post in that one of these days...

He's at work on an infantry company and a Wachovian general.  He's also due for a visit next weekend; I think that we are going to have to look at our collection of castings and see what sort of collection of engineers we can come up with.  Without playtesting, I'm not sure whether we want to be attacking the fortress or defending it...and a lack of engineers will limit our options.
Here's a closer shot of the General.  For those who are very familiar with the Prince August catalog, I'll mention that this casting is from the small collection of molds from Nuernberger Meisterzinn which are compatible with the Prince August semi-flats.  Some of their molds produce figures too bulky to blend well.

Back to work on my own figures...I actually added paint to some NQSYW infantry yesterday.


  1. Good looking troops. I'm kinda partial to that butternut color and have a cavalry unit so uniformed. I really like the general. Very strong pose. Are he and the horse cast together? Tough to tell. Well done.

  2. Excellent uniforms!
    Looking eagerly forward to discover more of them.

  3. Yes, the horse and rider are cast in one piece. The color is a little more orange than it appears to be here, but they seem to fit into the NQSYW mix without drawing the eye unduly. They show up in Ross Macfarlane's Battle Game of the Month coverage of the St. Michel raid from last March, in scenic context...