Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One More Chariot Battle

I had the opportunity to engage my son in another round of Egyptians and Hittites using Warhammer Ancient Battles on Sunday (10 January). We have been playing these rules repeatedly lately for two reasons: to encourage ourselves to paint more figures for this project, with a goal of putting on a game at Cold Wars or Historicon ’11, and to increase our familiarity with the rules to the point where we can get through a game without needing a rules lookup in the main book.

The picture shows the view from behind the center of the Egyptian line. Given that the Hittites have a substantial advantage in chariotry (50% of points versus 25% maximum for the Egyptians), I decided that I would deploy the infantry forward and attempt to soften up his chariots before committing mine. Success was somewhat limited...my foot figures shown here were routed and destroyed in pursuit by the lead Hittite squadron, thought I did manage to destroy the pursuers in turn by archery from my chariots. The game ran about eight turns in two hours, so was a pleasant way of spending the morning before I took him back to school. Next week I think we’ll continue the Warhammer familiarization project, but, unless I finish the chariots currently on the desk, we’ll break out the Saxons and Vikings or the Second Punic War figures for a change of pace.

I am still working on project goals for this year; continuing the expansion of the Bronze Age is high on the list, as is the fictional tricorne project expansion (the Not Quite Seven Years War).

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  1. Bigger infantry units. That's my advice :)