Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the other table

We still have yesterday's Morschauser game on the wargames table, so we ended up setting up a small game on the dining room table after supper today. William has been a fan of Rattrap Games skirmish rules (especially Gloire), so we set up a little test scenario from the Broadsword Adventure rule book. It's generally intended to be suitable for Conan-style games involving a handful of figures on each side. Here you see our hastily improvised slaver force about to descend on a native village. The leader is a Mithril Haradrim of some sort, and his minions are Foundry Darkest Africa tribesmen.Here's a view of the whole set up. One of the two heroes can be barely seen on the far side of the table behind the white hut. Huts and jungle material were borrowed from my Darkest Africa collection.

It was moderately amusing, but one figure per player can be frustrating; Norman's figure was locked in combat for most of the game. This is also the first time we've played these rules at home, so the main result was to leave William and me resolved to go back and read the rules more thoroughly.

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