Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole, Part 5

 This is a little behind the times, but last week I was tied up GMing a LARP for work...

I picked up some cheap brushes and craft paint the other weekend, and returned to a project on hold for a few months: the fantasy scenery upgrade expansion and Prince August casting project.  I finished several buildings back in July, but still had a few left.

Doing these ones reminded me of how irritating it is trying to neatly edge half timbered buildings.  However, they got done...

While getting ready to put them away, I pulled out the earlier ones.  That should make a reasonable village for the first outing of the Prince August figures.

I cleaned up and primed a dozen or so Prince August orcs and goblins, so the next task is to get them painted.  Happily, I have taken next wek off from work...


  1. They certainly look good.

    Do the roofs lift off or the buildings have open bottoms that will allow figures to be secreted? Or would figures nominally in the buildings be placed to one side?

    1. These buildings are 3d printed, and, judging from the weight, are honeycombed inside. The roofs and floors are not removable, so figures “inside” would require some sort of abstract treatment.