Saturday, May 12, 2018

Heir of Rienne Inherits

I still need to write up a proper battle report, but a game in the Northlands campaign was fought today using the Dragon Rampant rules and the travel miniatures box.

As seen here on the left, the Count of Rienne was surprised by a Cold Islander raiding party during an attack on the province of Rienne. The Cold Islanders (right and top) caught the Count on the road home. His bravery was never in question, though his good sense was. Leading from the front turned out to be his downfall. Survivors of his retinue were led to safety by Adelle, the Blue Sorceress.

The victory was not without cost for the Cold Islanders. Their leader, Olaf Longhair, Thane of High Valdland, was captured by the Count's foot guards, and most of their forces were dispersed and would need time to rally...

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