Saturday, July 1, 2017

Some recent painting

I was out on a business trip last week with my portable paint kit. Here are a few vintage figures finished and ready for basing.

The Gandalf is a Minifigs ME4. The rather barbaric Rohirrim horse archer is a Minifigs ME20, and the lutenist is a Broadsword P11 ranger. I'm not sure that the lute would be my instrument of choice ranging through the woods, but I like the figure. I have, from the same set, a swordsman/captain and a handful of archers (five, I think), and hope to get them all finished as a little Dragon Rampant unit soon. They'll be scout unit, or, if one thinks of them as elite, a reduced model count bow unit.


  1. I remember the Wizard figure from 40 years ago - a classic figure and well painted to ! , Tony

    1. Thanks! I've been enjoying working with the Minifigs MEs lately. They were my first fantasy figures back in the day, and I've been pleased to find that they were capable of being much nicer than I could ever do at the time.

  2. Great minis, love this splendid lutenist ...

  3. Replies
    1. True enough. I have an "official" Alan-a-dale with my new troupe of Hinchliffe Robin Hood figures. On the other hand, I've tried to keep a gut-stringed wood-bodied Renaissance instrument in tune outdoors in the summer, and it was a constant struggle.