Friday, June 10, 2016

Pictures from a few recent games

Having found a system for updating that seems to work, I thought that I might as well take this opportunity to catch up with a few pictures from games that have taken place since March.

My brother Norman, shown below in the light blue shirt, has gotten back into gaming within the last two years, after a hiatus of a couple of decades.  He has been wanting to run a 1975 game called Ringbearer for a long time, so we arranged to try to put it on at Cold Wars this year.  Ringbearer compresses the Lord of the Rings onto a single table, as seen below.  Mount Doom is at the near corner and the road to the Shire is diagonally opposite it, by the younger gamer.  We will be staging this again at Gencon this year, but we are regrettably going to have to abandon the idea of using the original rules as is.  We discovered the hard way that what looked fine on paper didn't actually work when we put it on the table.  I regret the lack of playtesting, but we did warn the potential players and give them a chance to back out.

We staged a couple of Chaos Wars demonstrations as part of our Iron Wind Metals Chaos Wars demo team activities.

In mid-April, both of my sons were up for a weekend visit, so we took the opportunity to finish off a mini-campaign Norman (son) had set up, which ended, rather to my surprise, with my army victorious.  We were using Hordes of the Things, and our 1/72 scale fantasy armies.

(Chaos War demo at Harcon, 30 April)



  1. I remember a Lord of the Rings boardgame from back then covering the same territory but don't remember a miniatures version, which is not to say I didn't hear of it at the time...

  2. The rules do invite you to use any other combat system you liked, so technically we are still good.