Friday, August 29, 2014

A few more PFG figures

A little more progress today; a Caesar adventurer and some creatures from the Age of Mythology sprues.


  1. The Caesar fig is one of the more rare ones in the set.

    1. We noticed that; I traded one of the ladies with the staff in her left hand with my son for this one. I didn't have one in two boxes of Adventurers..

  2. I like the Age of Mythology paints. They seem less gonzo and more like they belong in the same portable fantasy universe as your other figures. I guess that's the obvious goal, but it makes me want to try painting more of my AoM minis.

    re Tsold9000's comment: I've purchased two boxes of the Adventurers set in the past year, at different times and from different sellers (in different continents!), and I believe they had the exact same figures (and were also missing the same figures). Which would indicate that Caesar stopped randomizing this set, and would make the excluded figures very rare indeed.