Sunday, March 23, 2014

1/72 Fantasy Painting Progress

I have been meaning to post some additional pictures of the progress on my 1/72 scale fantasy digression. My sons, being adept with the brush, have inspired me to try to do these to a somewhat higher level than most of my 1/72 massed armies.

There isn't a lot to say about this project. The figures are intended to provide a portable set of props for a D&D travel kit, and double for portable skirmish games. So far, I have 12 different poses of Caesar adventurers finished, and 5 Dark Alliance orcs, from their Orcs 2 set. I picked up Orcs 1 and 3 at Cold Wars, so I could be at this for a while.

So, here we are, front and back views in groups of three for the adventurers.

The barbarian with the sword and shield is a conversion of one originally armed with a massively oversized axe. I replaced that with pieces from a Caesar Celtic Warriors box.

The orcs (of the Red Hand, mixing Saruman and Morder in Tolkien flavor, and not really referencing Ulster) so far:

For the skirmish gaming aspect, I hope to have a handful of cavalry. Here's the first human, a Strelets sculpt.

I painted a Reaper Bones ghast as a troll.

For the curious, here's a look at what the photoshoot set up looked like. My 3x3 ground cloth draped over some books served as the backdrop, and I put my camera on the tripod, for convenience with exposures running up toward a second. There's a large window behind the camera for light, which isn't too harsh since it's overcast. I used a 28mm manual focus lens, at f22, with a +4 diopter supplementary lens to permit the close focus. I haven't had the photo widgets out in a while ...


  1. Very nice! I like the idea of using strelets figs, they do have a bit of a Fantasy style about them

  2. I agree with Paul (he's a specialist of Strelets !)
    I can add that you have done an excellent work on those figures!
    I like the "Red Hand" : good idea !
    and also the replacement of the awful axe on the Barbarian warrior ...

  3. Thanks. I'm not sure whether it's the relatively unusual mix of poses, or the chunky style reminding me of my metals, or something else, that brings fantasy to mind with the Strelets more than some of the other manufacturers. Having a bunch on hand from a previous project start helps too.

  4. Nicely painted.Really spot on with some of the extra details. those Caesar adventurers are a lot of fun.