Friday, June 7, 2013

More Recruiting

As long as I have NQSYW on my mind, I've been noodling around with a few other figures. The bugler on the left is in the uniform of the Schoeffen-Buschhagen Schultheiss Regiment, and will eventually be an extra in the regimental HQ group. The figure on the right is a sample of the S-B city militia.


  1. Good, likely choice of uniform for the militia. Btw the bugler can 'moonlight' as a militia musician in reversed coat -more likely for militia than a coat with a lot of expensive livery lace?

  2. Now that's an idea...and the militia is likely to be a little non-regulation. Hmmm...things to think about...

  3. I quite like the militiaman. Brown is apparently a popular militia colour.

    BTW I took pictures of the pontoon wagon and thought I'd sent some but now I'm not sure I did. Perhaps I'll resend just in case.