Sunday, September 30, 2012

A little painting

I finally managed to get some painting time today. I got as far as putting a preliminary varnish coat on these two Egyptian chariots and crews:

Let's just say they have been in process for a long time... I did not have the bases handy, so they have not received their final assembly yet. However, with the new Caesar releases out, I'd like to finish some things before I add more.

I also bought enough Vallejo paint this weekend to try using it exclusively for a while, instead of my cheap craft paint. In addition tithe Egyptians, I worked on some Reaper fantasy figures. I got as far as putting varnish on this fantasy librarian (in more than one sense of that adjective), but also had to stop without basing her:

With the Reaper Kickstarter pledges being finalized this weekend, I had better be upping my painting game...


  1. So I take it you find a marked difference in either or both results or the process when using Vallejo?

  2. The dropper bottles close more reliably, and the drop size is more consistent, which could help with mixing repeatably. It does seem to cover somewhat better, but the obvious selling point at the moment is that I can reduce the size of my travel paint kit (or add more colors, which amounts to much the same thing).