Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cold Wars Gallery

William consults with my long-time friend Steve Doughty during Friday's pirate game

Piratical melee

Chris Palmer's Lost Legion of Venus Gaslight game

Norman's friend Mark seeking out the obscure--German SW Africa; terrain all by scatter

Mayhem awaiting players

Mayhem: French await the English arrival

A group from New York assembled a sand table on the spot with 400 lbs of sand

Interestingly, the German camouflage is pretty effective on it...

John Acar's Carthaginians in the Kirkhart/Acar Zama game

Roman cavalry at Zama

Carthaginian elephant advancing

The Roman legions assaulting the center


  1. Looks like a good con was had by all. On an unrelated note, is your medieval game 54mm or 40mm?

  2. It's a 54mm game. As nice as it would be to have everything standardized on 40mm, it isn't quite practical...