Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Limited Progress

This was a holiday weekend in the United States, and I had high hopes of getting a few things done on some of my projects.  We received a packet from Irregular Miniatures on Saturday, so I thought that I was off to a good start. I went on to get to the craft store for the plaster and modeling clay needed for the Old School mold experiment, but woke up on Sunday with an unpleasant respiratory infection of some sort.

I was feeling enough better today that I at least spent some time at the workbench, cleaning and priming some 54mm medieval civilians received in the Irregular packet, putting a wash coat on some 54mm Greeks, and painting a couple of Hordes of the Things bases of Caesar Elves, in response to some pointed suggestions from my industrious offspring, whose recent work can be viewed on Junkyard Planet.

Tomorrow it's back to work, so it will likely be Thursday at the earliest before I can get some pictures posted...


  1. Glad you are feeling better- there are so many coughs and colds doing the rounds here too...

  2. Was it spectrox toxeamia or the Dreaded Lurgy?

  3. You've got me. (-: I was just glad that it wasn't pneumonia...