Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Constructing Adelheim, Part VIII -- trenches; painting the walls

As Historicon approaches, we had a work session with Duncan on Sunday.  I didn't get any pictures due to the nature of the work and a little technical glitch with my camera, but we finished the saw work on the trench sections, cut battery bases for the besiegers, and fired up the melting pot for some additional gun crews (another 40 or so gunners) and guns (four more Meisterzinn siege guns, for a total now of 12, and another mortar, just in case...).

A box of trench shapes
Fortress sections drying in the sun

Norman painting the retaining wall on a glacis section

Norman touches up the felt gluing

Wall sections sanded and ready for paint

Gabion dowels; ran out of spray paint before this job was finished
Yesterday being a holiday, we sanded the trench sections, cut the felt on the glacis, and painted the fortress stonework in a basic brown.


  1. Coming together nicely indeed! I cast up more gunners myself yesterday.

    How tall are your gabions?

  2. That looks massive...I wait to see this finished

  3. Gabions are 1" sections of 1" dowel. Norman finished painting them and adding dirt (what would I do without Nova Scotia traction sand?) to the tops yesterday; 84 of them. I will try to add a picture soon.