Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dispatches Delayed

I haven't forgotten reports on the two recent battles; however, I'm on the road this week and finding time has been more difficult than I might have expected.  In the meantime, here's two shots:

Here is the situation as we picked up the first battle; I should have taken an overview shot of the whole table while it was in progress, but we played in the evening and the room was a little dark.  The attackers came from the left; in the forward corner, the Wachovians in orange are in the positions they took as their attack pressed in.  The defender's (S-B's) initial line ran across the table from the building to the woods, approximately.

For convenience the second game used a similar road layout, needing only some minor brushing of sand to accomplish.  The hills moved around and the building disappeared, but the woods stayed in about the same place.  Just a few changes can reset a battle considerably, to change the flavor of a scenario.  In this shot, early in the game, the wagon train is just entering; the rear elements of the escort have not appeared, and only a few attackers are around the edges of the table near the corner at Norman's left hand.

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