Monday, May 31, 2010

Casting Call 2010

My older son at the mold clamping station

This is the third year that we have had a group casting day for expansion of the NQSYW project.  We met on Saturday, 29 May, at Duncan Adam's house.  We had a fairly short list of things wanted by other HAWKs this year, so we felt comfortable working at some length on some antique farm animal molds (with some success), to fill out the scenery and background a bit.  (I wish Prince August would release a mold of civilians ... )

Using powdered graphite for mold release

  We eventually cast about 40 cavalry figures, a couple of artillery pieces and their gunners, some figures to convert as engineers, two dozen farm animals and farmers, and a couple of dozen assorted infantry not amounting to a unit.  It looks like some ad hoc casting is in the cards.

Carefully extracting castings from an antique farm mold

The Arden game is still on the's rough when you can't find players for your solo game.

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  1. You cant beat a good day casting up figures. There is someting theraputic about it.

    I am currently cleaning up my next batch of the Regiment Brie for my french inspired army.